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Welcome to the "World Music Email List" website.

(We finally are getting around to putting up a web site. Hopefully we will be able to improve it with time...)

Do you like WORLD MUSIC? Do you like music from other countries and cultures?

Are you interested in receiving FREE email notification of World Music performances in the Triangle?

We provide a FREE email notification list to let people know of the of "world music" performances (African, Latin American, Indian/Asian, Caribbean, Celtic, etc.) that occur in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

These world performances may be sponsored by any of a number of organizations, including UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, NC State and other area universities; the Carrboro ArtsCenter and the Cat's Cradle; the Carolina Theatre, Friends of World Music, Pinecone, NC Museum of Art, etc. We are separate from these organizations, and maintain this free list simply because we are fans of world music and want others to know of upcoming performances. (We do not receive compensation for this task. Also, we will not sell, trade or give away any of the names on this list, nor will we send you junk mail. We will not share your name with anyone else on the list.)

We offer four wonderful choices for you: the main list - The World Music Email List (recommended), which includes calendars of upcoming events, as well as detailed individual announcements about ANY "world music," such as African, Latin American, Indian/Asian, Caribbean, Celtic, etc.; the Latin American ONLY list; the Celtic/English ONLY list; and the Calendar ONLY list (read more about this last option below).

To join any of these lists, just send us an email! It is quite easy. (See "to subscribe" below.)

Thank you!

sKiNs of an oRcHeStRa

The World Music Email List

========================================= =========================================

TO SUBSCRIBE: Send an email to with the following information:
-- subject "subscribe"
-- your name and email address
-- how or where you heard of us
-- to which list you wish to subscribe (ANY WORLD MUSIC, or LATIN AMERICAN ONLY, CELTIC/ENGLISH ONLY, or CALENDAR ONLY).

TO UNSUBSCRIBE: If this is the first time you are receiving this notice from us, then you do NOT need to unsubscribe, because it means you not on the list. You will only be on this list if you specifically subscribe.

For those who want to reduce the number of announcements you receive, then the "CALENDAR ONLY" sub-list is for you. The CALENDARS will come out a few times a month and each will contain a list of upcoming world music performances in one email announcement. The listings will be brief with very few details. Of course, the disadvantage of being on the "CALENDAR ONLY" sub-list, is that you will miss out on performances that come up -- or that we find out about -- at the last moment, and you will NOT receive detailed information about the performances (biographies, reviews, descriptions of instruments, directions, detailed ticket info, etc.) that can be quite educational or useful when trying to decide if a particular performance is for you.


SUBSCRIBE: Send an email to with the following information:
-- subject "subscribe"
-- your name and email address
-- how or where you heard of us
Changing your subscription address? give us your new AND old address.

UNSUBSCRIBE: Send an email to with the following information:
-- subject "unsubscribe"
-- your name and email address
-- why you wish to be off the list (i.e., moved, no time, no money, not interested, etc.)
-- when and where you signed up, if you remember
Please be patient if you receive a few more announcements before you are finally removed.

SUBMISSIONS: Send submissions (the more advance notice, the better) to, including name of group, type of music, performance details (location, address, phone, date, time, cost), description of group, and anything else you want people to know.

We welcome feedback, information and suggestions!